Untangled and the accompanying Journal is written for you to get the whole picture and to start the "untangling", but sometimes that can feel a bit sticky and additional resources, a checklist and guides would make a welcome assistant!

Even though change (of any kind) can feel hard sometimes, what matters is that you keep working through it, that you take time to reflect and record those reflections and that your actions start to shift as a result. When we know differently, we choose differently.

And that’s what this Resources page is all about. It’s yours! It's full of downloads that are referred to in the book (like the wheel of life example, barriers to change cards or list of values) and includes a book group guide, colouring in pages and a checklist for the whole book too. There’s also a guide to Untangled in Organisations, including a short self-evaluation quiz and notes from Untangled's Author, Kirsty Maynor.

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