Anyone who’s ever worked in an organisation knows how challenging it can be to live through, or lead through change, yet organisations need to change and evolve, both to meet internal needs and to respond to outside factors.

Leaders who learn to be vulnerable without just sharing everything with no awareness of their impact, learn how to build stronger connections and increase trust in their teams and organisations. It’s a skill – you can learn it, and it matters for untangling change in organisations.

Untangled emphasises change for individuals, the myths you believe, the clarity that helps, how to connect with your own self and choose what works for you in the context of your wider life. Through Firefly, Kirsty Maynor has shared, learned and tested these tools and approaches by working with thousands of people in organisations, at major companies like Sky, Johnson & Johnson, NHS Scotland, JP Morgan and Skyscanner.

People often ask ‘what about untangling problems in group dynamics?’, and it’s true. There are many, and it’s the same process because organisations are groups of individuals. Everything at an individual level applies in groups and teams, plus the need to look at how those individuals connect, relate and operate with each other.

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"In Untangled, Kirsty Maynor brings a business mindset to personal growth. Her compelling professional and personal experience of change has put her in the boardrooms of companies around the world. In this book, she brings that expertise directly to you. If you’re facing change and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place" Sean Gallagher, Entrepreneur, Dragons’ Den Investor, Best-selling Author & Two Time Irish Presidential Candidate