Meet the Author

Navigating change has been part of Kirsty Maynor’s professional and personal life for more than three decades. A mother, entrepreneur, author and aficionado of all things stationery; Kirsty is a guiding force that illuminates the path for her readers.

Kirsty has navigated through some of life’s most difficult transitions; like redundancy, bereavement, divorce and raising a teenager and draws upon over 25 years of experience as an internationally sought-after change strategist, award-winning leadership consultant and elite accredited executive coach to deliver a compelling guide on navigating both change you choose and change you don’t.

Here to help make any change you face right now, and in the future, easier to deal with; Kirsty infuses her work with a blend of wisdom, practicality, and a touch of personal charm. Her book, Untangled, offers readers insights into proactive changes but also a compassionate approach to embracing change that life presents.

Having raised a now-at-university teenager as a single mum, while growing a successful business coaching senior leaders; Kirsty has the studies, research, and lived experience to bust the myths we believe about what it takes to handle change and to unravel the knots of both change you choose (think moving house) and change you don’t (think redundancy and bereavement), choose the threads to keep and weave a new future for yourself.

Kirsty’s debut book, Untangled: a practical and inspirational guide to change you choose and change you don’t, is full of personal stories, useful tools and strategies for people living through change.

She founded her business The Firefly Group in 2011 to enable organisations to achieve the clarity, insight and momentum they need to take a clear step towards personal and organisational change. Firefly has supported over ten thousand leaders across private, public and government sectors to create better futures for their organisations, employees and stakeholders. 

Kirsty is a Certified Co-active Coach (CPCC); accredited with the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and a certified facilitator of Dare to Lead™. She has an MSc. in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck, University of London, has tutored MSc. students at the University of Edinburgh and is the first Scottish member of the elite global Transformational Leadership Council.

Kirsty works internationally and lives in Edinburgh with her cat, a collection of houseplants and a bookshelf that will need its own room soon.

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